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Zabeel Park Dubai

Zabeel Park Dubai

Zabeel Park Dubai cost 200 million dirhams is located in Zabeel area near the World Trade Center in the heart of Dubai, where mediates commercial areas such as Sheikh Zayed and the dignity Street, and a total area of ​​51 hectares, and Travel greenery and shadows giving it beauty and splendor, and is divided into three sections It is: “a” and “b” and “c”, and relate to these sections together through two bridges commentators pedestrian internal and train, and is accessed through seven main gates spread over areas, and allocated by the parking nine 2300 car, and by 10 cycles of water .

The main theater in the heart of the park is dedicated to receive the events that are displayed in the outdoors, and has a runway to accommodate 2000 spectators.

Zabeel Park gaming area are located near the gate “1”, a set of fixed games that the child which recognizes a range of movements and skills such as skiing swing and transit through channels, mass and play with sand and turning, a dedicated area for children as young as ten years.

There is in this section three kiosks for the sale of refreshments offered to the visitor beside them cool and fast food, which is a circular buildings and has an outdoor wall of stained glass.

Zabeel Park also has presence gallery is closed lounge area of ​​200 square, which is connected to a large warehouse area of ​​50 square meters, which is a building surrounded by circular fountain near Gate No. 3 and contains walls booth on the oval shape parallel to the shape of the fountain, while the ceiling Fmguety aluminized, a gallery dedicated to receive all kinds of arts and crafts, cultural and scientific exhibitions specialized in the dissemination of knowledge.

In return for this exhibition there is a modern cafe-like building where the exhibition offers hot cakes and sweets drinks also contain online service.

The sports club which is the health of investment projects to the private sector, it offers a range of health and fitness services for both sexes of calisthenics and relaxation programs, and the club Supplier portal through which visitors can access it without trouble as it is located near the gate “2”.

In Zabeel Park Star Gate, and includes five domes half of the upper apparent and half lower under the ground, and are linked through the pedestrian tunnels conditioned, located near Gate No. 0.4 and all the Dome of them dedicated to provide recreational and scientific different activities, in the Dome of the Saturn suffered movies Visitors enjoy group games and the Dome of the snowy land earmarked for a fast trains recreational and called the death train. And the Dome of Mars allocated for children to play kinetic, and the Dome of the Flying Saucer dedicated to race electric cars next to the maze of the solar system, which is part of the theme park for advanced technology which is concerned with the discovery of space and private travel through the solar system.

There is also Jeff region, and places to grill, and lake for boats, restaurants, and the climb and Cricket Stadium and anthropomorphic Istanbul Games, and the Gold Coast.

There are garden racetrack outside for a walk with a length of 2.5 kilometers, where established a scientific way and toilets, and advertising space on the outer wall.

The water elements, it is a fountain called Zakorat located at the entrance number “1” Square, a water channel in the form of Zakorat, and Fountain Phippanasci It is located along part of the main corridor between the entrance number “2” and open the theater, which is about two channels and fountain oval , then the fountains next to the conical shape of oblique fountain located in the barcode garden within a small area of ​​seats to sit and watery element Haittiya.

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