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Karak House Dubai

Karak House Dubai
Karak House Dubai Restaurant opened at the Boulevard Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, where you will enjoy the local flavor of the Karak tea boiled and fermented well, in addition to an interesting mix of Indian cooking and Arab

Karak House Menu you’ll find a mix of Indian dishes, in addition to Arabic dishes and recipes. The menu is small, but there are a lot of original options to choose from. Restaurant “Kark House” is a simple home appearance, with high ceilings, and details of the fantastic and interesting Arab designs. Also, at the time of our last visit to the restaurant, the place was full of visitors, where the tables were made on the basis of priority access

Beautiful wooden decorations Place and large glass facades of to enjoy Overlooking the Burj Khalifa tallest building in the world and the surrounding landscape open self

Dish soft Alconnelas on chickpeas, it seems vital in color as well as a few herbs to give it additional elegance. You can experience the cooked sesame, sweet beets and chickpeas, as more of beetroot added to falafel, to give us a distinct and different from the traditional falafel falafel. Hearts and livers of geese that are delicious and creamy somewhat

For the main course, the restaurant “Kark House” offers a classic dish lamb shank “Rogan Josh,” which consists of a large piece of lamb with bone and next to a dish of Zabadani and scented with saffron rice. As for the featured dish is roast chicken dish, where the skin is wavy and the meat moist and mushy, and stuffed minced lamb, pine nuts

We recommend that you try this unique restaurant and experience the rich and delicious dishes

The bill for two people

Mix chickpeas AED 51
Falafel Balhmandr AED 45
Kubba goose liver AED 49
Little Balsmag chicken AED 99
Lamb shank rogan josh AED 85
Two of lemon juice and mint AED 52
Two tea Crane AED 24
Large water AED 12

Total (excluding services) 417 AED

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