Nezesaussi Grill In Manzil Downtown Dubai

Nezesaussi Grill

Great news for all sports fans! Nezesaussi Grill Restaurant , the first destination for lovers of sports atmosphere in downtown Dubai house, opens its doors again to receive guests in the forum the most prominent entertainment in the city. Featuring “Nezisusa” recreational atmosphere full of fun and excitement as it allows guests a chance to see the latest sports events on the 19 distributed across the screen in the bar, and offers the best types of luxury food tastes amazing and the center of an extraordinary atmosphere will satisfy the tastes of all sports fans. Whether you follow the Champions League, Sevens rugby or American league professional basketball, the “Nezesaussi” is your address desired to spend an entertaining evening, accompanied by friends, and stay abreast of the latest developments in the sports world.

The evening does not end here! It Guests can enjoy a distinct experience hold them to the world of rich flavors that comprise the list of unique food inspired by the most prominent dishes that famous New Zealand, South Africa and Australia (“Nezesaussi Grill” is a short name for the names of these countries), including sausage “Burevorz”, and chicken wings marinated sauce “piri piri” warm, beef “Beltong” traditional cake and toffee.

Get ready to fight a vibrant journey delicious cuisine and refreshing drinks and the atmosphere family, you celebrate the victory of your team!

Al Manzil, Lobby Level, Mohamed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, Dubai

Cuisines : Australian

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