Curtain Door Of Holy Ka’aba in Marina Abu Dhabi

Curtain Door Of Holy Ka'aba in Marina Abu Dhabi

By the celebration of holy month of Ramadan, hosts Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi piece of the purest parts of the earth, it is a cover for the door of the Kaaba older than 143 years. Visitors will have the opportunity to get acquainted on the door of the guise of the Kaaba and located in the center.

And it has their industry from pure silk and made the revelations of the Koran and Islamic motifs embroidered stitching prominent threads of gold and silver, and contain that piece which is characterized accurately industry and professionalism, a lot of facts and stories that traces its roots back to Islamic history, following its coverage in advance of the sacred Kaaba.

Star were produced door of the Kaaba in 1293 AH, which in 1876 AD. And engraved on the front of verses from the Holy Quran and its destination, and the text illustrates an order from the Sultan Abdul Hamid II invader with making, Sultan Thirty-fourth of the sultans of the Ottoman Empire, which his rule lasted for 33 years, from 1876 to 1909, as the text states that it has unveiled the industry under the supervision of the Khedive Ismail Pasha (the ruler of Egypt at that time) and the grandson of Muhammad Ali Pasha, the founder of «modern Egypt» and the ruler of Egypt between 1805 to 1848

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