10 gifts in the global village

10 gifts in the global village

Choosing the perfect gift for friends, family or co-workers elusive very often,

Where waits for you always come to them with all that is beautiful and distinct, and even make special occasions opportunity to provide gifts admired and loved ones fascinated, Global Village offers you exceptional Options special character without injury to your budget. Discover the best of 10 gifts in the global village ideas to express your interest and your appreciation for your loved ones:

1) luxury suite of dates in Saudi Arabia

Available in a suite Arabia distinct variety of different date varieties of high quality, in addition to the luxury range of dates stuffed with nuts such as almonds, walnuts, cashews, dates, chocolate, and come in packages of luxury gifts and packaging characteristic which makes it a perfect gift on special occasions and celebrations or when visiting friends and family.

2) panels carpet in a suite India

Precious gift reflects the luxury and elegance and beauty, where the longer boards carpet in a suite India artistic unique form decorative element lends touches unique to interior decoration pieces, as they come hand-crafted and bright colors, making it a valuable gift to a friend just moved to a new home.

3) clothing and leather jackets in Pakistan pavilion

Pakistan Pavilion offers traditional clothing made from the most luxurious materials, where you can choose luxury gifts from leather jackets to amaze your loved ones and your family during the cold winter weather.

4) T-shirts modern designs in Europe pavilion

The artist specializes manually drawing on the canvas to design various graphics on request, exceptional and unique gift for your loved ones offered from Europe suite, where you can draw cartoon characters or distinctive logo on the “T-shirt” T-shirts or hats.

5) artifacts Almaadinh wire wing in Turkey

Innovative works of art and antiques handmade available in Turkey suite, and you can enter details such as distinctive gift recipients name or logo to give special personal touches, the perfect gift at birthdays and special occasions!

6) upscale clothing and flamenco dresses in a suite Spain

Available in a suite Spain distinctive products, most notably the flamenco dresses, which are a wonderful gift provided for fans of classical dance from friends or family.

7) skin care products in the Jordan Pavilion

Gifts rich Dead Sea minerals Tkavion out of love, where you can choose from a wide selection of skincare in Jordan Pavilion, which include spa salt and mud mask and other high-quality health products.

8) accessories and jewelry in Lebanon Pavilion

For those who love shopping and fashion, Lebanon pavilion displays a wide variety of products with high levels of professionalism and proficiency, come on its list of accessories gold and silver jewelry, which is a perfect gift on holidays and special occasions.

9) archaeological artifacts and graphics hieroglyphics in Egypt Pavilion

If you wish to make a non-traditional gift to those you love, you can draw Adhashh name or congratulate him in writing hieroglyphics on papyrus in Egypt archaeological wing!

10) trays made of rosewood wing in Turkey

Turkey Suite is available in trays made of rosewood and decorated with thin details reflect the taste senior, provided a perfect gift for friends and family during dinner parties.

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