How to avoid raising the rent this year in Dubai?

How to avoid raising the rent this year in Dubai?

Real estate experts predicted stable residential real estate market in Dubai this year, 2015, with the possibility that next year will see a significant drop in prices, but the smart tenant who mastered the law, knows how to prevent the owner of the property who lives raise the price.

It is known that in the event the owner did not agree and the tenant on the new lease before the renewal of the contract, it is the right of the tenant to take legal action at the Dispute Settlement Center, and the tenant has to remember that there are 3.5% of the annual rent is the fee is non-refundable, as well as the need to visit the settlement center at least twice before a decision in the case of disputes.

After the verdict, it is unlikely that the owner responds to any request filed by the maintenance of a tenant who review it disputes the center of a new and pay the same fees, so it must be agreed on in advance of the lease renewal of the contract to avoid all such disputes.

Many real estate agents admitted in an interview with the newspaper Emertis 247 that many of the tenants were able to negotiate with the landlord rents These negotiations have been successful in many cases.

Below is a set of points that must be taken into account tenant to avoid arbitrary increase the rent by the landlord:

lease Registration

All leases in Dubai must be registered in Ejari. It costs the registration process AED 195 only, but the question is who pays? Does not specify RERA party must pay the registration fee, but accepted that it is the responsibility of the tenant, and include the documents required for registration of the lease modern bill of “Dewa” and a copy of the title to the property, and passport tenant travel and a copy of the latest visa and a copy of Emirati identity.

Notice 90 days before

The owner must tenant notice an increase rent by 90 days, according to the index of rent RERA, and if the tenant did not notice before this period, shall not be entitled to the owner of a rent increase, and in the case has not been any communication between the two parties, the contract to renew automatically according to the old rent, and tenants must pay attention that some landlords tell tenants to raise the rent a month ago, in an attempt to force them to accept the increase because it is difficult for them to move Halal such a short period.

Follow-up rental index

Required landlords to follow up rents index, and even if this indicator has risen, not entitled to increase the rent only 90 days after the tenant notice.

Negotiate with the landlord

Before the tenant goes to the Rent Committee, prefers to negotiate with the landlord to reach a solution satisfactory to both parties, and must be a tenant well-versed Btfasl Tenancies Act to be able to negotiate and avoid being cheated by the owner, and should the tenant remember that the law does not give the owner the right expulsion only after 12 months of the tenant notice.

The last option

If the tenant fails to negotiate with the owner about a common price satisfactory to both parties, it must be sued in the Dispute Settlement Center Department to lease land and property in Dubai, and must pay 3.5% of the annual rent of the property fees of the case, and the minimum for these fees AED 350 alone top 20 thousand dirhams.

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