A cruise to New Year’s Eve in Dubai

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A cruise to New Year's Eve in Dubai


Everyone prepares to welcome the New Year in various ways, and some people watch at home in the intimate atmosphere with family and friends, while others prefer to ensure the restaurants and nightclubs and enjoy the atmosphere loud and dancer. There is a class of people who are in favor of the travel and spend the holidays and New Year’s Eve outside the country, to be featured this evening and carry them New Year’s pleasant surprises.


Destinations that can travel to them to spend the holiday and receive many and varied new year, you can choose, for example, Paris, London or Beirut, and many other cities where the reception of the new year will be a distinctive atmosphere bustling. But the city remains the most universal and that you will find the various entertainment and well-being is Dubai. This distinctive city offers all kinds of concerts in luxury hotels and lounges task, to be the New Year holiday is already special.

A cruise to New Year's Eve in Dubai

Now we will give you a wonderful and strange idea to spend New Year’s Eve, differ from regular evenings that you’re used to, which is to ensure a yacht sailing in the waters of Dubai. Progress of the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai residents fantastic performances New Year in a distinctive way,Is sailing in the waterfront of Dubai in a boat or yacht. The opportunity will be available for passengers to release the city view from the sea and enjoy the blazing lights deployed glittering; they will see the Burj Khalifa, which Sastal fireworks spectacular Burj Al Arab, which will be glistening lights, As you see Atlantis inflamed celebrations and crackers. All this in one trip in the picturesque waterfront of the city of Dubai.

A cruise to New Year's Eve in Dubai

There are three methods available for rent at the waterfront: the water bus and water taxi and the words of Dubai. Trips start at ten pm and end at one o’clock after midnight, but the ferry trip will start at exactly the eleventh hour and continue until noon the next day.

Starts the water bus from the pier sea terminal will be the assembly point near the Palm Jumeirah Bridge, with a price per card per adult AED 100, or US $ 27. As for the children shall receive the card at half the price, it can be for children under two years of age to get a free round.

A cruise to New Year's Eve in Dubai

Begin water taxi tour of the Marine Park in Dubai Marina, will be the assembly point near the Burj Al Arab. Passengers can hire a taxi for a special trip for one person or a husband or even a group of friends or family, and the cost of the lease of 3000 AED. Does not absorb water taxi more than a dozen people.

We left Dubai term, which begins its journey in front of the Marina Mall in Dubai Marina, and the assembly point is near the Burj Al Arab. Grades are divided on board this phrase into two categories: silver, which amounts to the cost of the tariff AED 200, gold and class B -300 dirhams per person AED class. Kids can get a card at half the price, while children under two they can access for free.

A cruise to New Year's Eve in Dubai

Imagine yourself Welcome New Year at sea why at the same time, the magnificent scenery of the city of Dubai, which glistened in the night, to be the new tooth also sparkling and full of success and prosperity.

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