Gold Prices In Dubai Today

Gold Prices In Dubai

Unlike the usual currency and the orthodox assets, gold is known for maintaining its value since a long time. For that purpose, the folks pass on their wealth and preserve their monetary assets through gold. When one buys gold, he is free of the tensions and worries of inflation, deflation and the like issues. The investors today are converting their assets into gold day by day. This is because they can easily observe the circumstances which affect the rise and fall in the prices of gold and then regulate their sale and purchase according to them. This will help the investors in terms of fast, beneficial and more reliable money rotation.

Apart from the investment point of view, the modern day lifestyle has seen many changes as compared to the past and one of those changes is the inclusion of gold jewelry as an integral and essential part of our lives especially in the matrimonial and other occasions.

When purchasing gold, one tends to look at the best place where the market is stable and where there is no danger or apprehension of any sort of fraud. After doing the research and stuff, the mind ultimately goes to Dubai. Dubai has one of the best gold markets in the world. The rates are consistent, there is no apprehension of fraud and the sale purchase in Dubai is done at a great magnitude every day. Moreover, the circumstances and the conditions do not vary to such an extent that one fears a considerable and substantial loss; in fact they are easily observable and predictable.

The current gold rates in Dubai can be described as $1,177.57 (AED 4324.93) per one ounce gold, $37863.96 (AED 139,065.24) per 1 gold Kilogram, $ 4415.88 per 10 gold Tolas bar, $37.86 per 1 gold gram carat 24, $34.71 per 1 gold gram carat 22, $33.12 per 1 gold gram carat 21 & finally $28.39 per 1 old gram carat 18. This rate was recorded in the Dubai on 20th of March 2015.

The streets of Dubai are always shining with all the jewelry shops. There is a rule in Dubai that every jewelry shop has to display at least 24, 22 and 21 carat gold at all times. And that too, due for the purpose of some showmanship and advertisement, the folks display in the outer window. The view of the streets is breathtaking.

Although the prices of gold in Dubai are consistent, they have seen a rare rise and a rare fall as there is no place where one can apply absolute predictability. In the June of 2014, there was a hike in the general prices if gold but that wasn’t for a very long period of time. Similarly, once in the year 2008, the prices saw a big depression but since then, there has never been a considerable, unusual and substantial depression in the prices. The gold in Dubai is generally cheaper than in any part of the world. This is due to the duty free zone and some other factors.

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