The city of Dubai, dubbed the “City of Gold”, has many types of precious metal. It has a variety of gold and gold jewelry collections in its markets and stores. The most important gold markets in Dubai are Dubai Gold Souk . Not only because it is the largest gold supplier in the world, and the most beautiful of them, but for the high taste enjoyed by its gold products, along with the spirit of the owners of gold shops in Dubai and their constant desire to provide the appropriate for your taste and potential.

Even if you do not want to buy gold jewelry, visiting the Gold Souk is a worthwhile experience, especially as you will find yourself in a city of gold. The colors, the corridors and everything is almost transformed into the glittering golden color flowing from the shop fronts. You may also be one of the winners. The market draws during the DSF period.

Gold trade is a traditional trade for Emiratis for decades, and Gold Souk is a landmark of Dubai’s traditional trade. It is sure that you will not find the ingenuity of the designs there. Elsewhere, the market products are not only gold but also diamonds and stones Gracious.

Visiting Dubai Gold Souk is a worthwhile experience, especially as you will find yourself in the middle of a city of gold, the colors and the corridors and almost everything turned into bright golden color flowing from the facades of the shops. One of the most important Gold Souks in Dubai is the old Gold Souk. The importance of this market stems not only from its being the largest gold supplier in the world, but also from the high taste of its gold products. Dubai. The gold trade has been a traditional trade for Emiratis for decades, and the Gold Souk is a traditional trade mark in Dubai.

The famous Gold Souk, located in the Deira district of Dubai, draws visitors from all over the world. The glamor of the unique and luxurious designs of the market reflects the features of its customers who are amazed and admired by the various shapes and colors that are unparalleled in the world.

Dubai Gold Souk is located on the banks of the Creek in Ras Badira, the main business district of the emirate. It is accessible by metro or bus, but it is more fun to see the beautiful water taxi ride known. The market includes more than 300 stores selling gold and jewelery, as well as classic and modern antiques, one of the most attractive markets for shoppers from around the world.

Gold Souk is filled with 24-hour visitors, a sales and purchase movement, and a different kind of purely tourist tours. Global gold prices do not limit the number of market participants, as they themselves constitute an aesthetic masterpiece and an authentic UAE heritage that enriches the experience. Tourist visitors, offering them a round of fun and a good outcome of the culture around the gold sector in the «capital of gold».

Gold Souk in Deira is the first choice for the various shoppers and investors of all nationalities residing and visiting Dubai, as the market is full of types of gold jewelery inlaid with diamonds and precious stones to meet all the requests and satisfy all tastes no matter how different and varied. “There is a conviction among a wide range of people that The gold market in Deira is the market in which a person finds himself without trouble because there are large types of gold jewelery that captures the heart of everyone who sees it and seeks to acquire them.

In the summer season, the demand for Arab nationalities increases due to weddings and weddings, as well as the increase in the number of tourists and foreigners in the Christmas and New Year holidays, as well as the end of the holiday season Summer and return to school The market is witnessing great demand from various nationalities.

Dubai Gold Souk

Dubai Gold Souk is an information portal that brings to the world a variety of experiences in the trade and knowledge of the various cultures of the world through the many nationalities in the market constantly, calling on all the gold lovers around the world to visit the market and enjoy the long road and identify the various precious jewelry and precious gold pieces

The competition between the shops of the market affects the prices on the gold products, which are determined by the cost and method of manufacturing, explaining that the gold handicrafts are considered the most expensive among the non-handmade as a result of the accuracy and time they require, stressing that all this is under the supervision and control of government agencies concerned, And the quality of the original gold.

350 Gold Shops

The Dubai Gold Souk is home to more than 350 stores. The historic market is dotted with the historic Dubai area on the banks of Al Khor in the Ras Badira region, where it is the world’s leading gold and jewelery market regionally and internationally and is frequented by shoppers and investors on a daily basis as well as large numbers of visitors And tourists from all over the world who have made it a destination and a tourist destination attractive first-class must be visited as one of the most prominent features of the Emirate of Dubai, and Gold Souk in Deira by providing countless options of golden pieces, precious and exclusive and busy, and studded with diamonds and hollow souls And gemstones to meet all needs and satisfy different tastes through unique varieties.

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