Five tips to lose weight if you are running an office job

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Sitting on the desk for long hours every day adversely affect your health and physical fitness, and also lead to weight gain significantly, reducing your productivity at work as well as to enhance the feeling of tension, anxiety and fatigue.

Offers you a professional experts Here are some tips to help you maintain your health and get rid of excess weight in case you are sitting on the desk for long hours:

Drink plenty of water

1. Drink plenty of water

Be sure to drink two cups of water before each meal to avoid eating large amounts of food and gain more calories. In fact, will help you to drink large quantities of water to get rid of the fluid trapped in the body, the body Failure to obtain sufficient quantities of water it retains large quantities of fluids. Thus, the drinking water sends signals to the body works to get rid of these trapped fluids.

Eat a lot of fruit

2. Eat a lot of fruit

Most people kept in their offices governing food that contain large amounts of calories , cakes and snacks unhealthy. Questionnaire about “food and health habits among professionals in the Middle East and North Africa, he noted,” that 31.7% of professionals considered unhealthy eating habits. So avoid eating unhealthy snacks and replace them with fruit, they are delicious, healthy and rich . You can bring the fruit of the house or talk to the human resources department at your company to replace unhealthy snacks potted fruit.

Advancement of office

3. Advancement of office between now and then

Sitting on the desk throughout the day increases the levels of fat and cholesterol in the body. So be sure to stand between now and then and move your arms and legs, will help this simple to burn some calories gained during the day in the exercise. We advise you to stand or walk every hour around the office such as going to the meeting room or the kitchen to drink water.

Bring food from home

4. Bring food from home

Most people prepared foods deals because of the lack of time to prepare food at home. It is not necessary to prepare foods that require cooking, where you can prepare simple foods sandwich or salad. cut vegetables and frozen during the weekend, so you can use them in during working days. You are advised to eat vegetables instead of ready-made foods because they are not healthy and contain large amounts of fat.


5. Exercise

It is not necessary to go to the gym to exercise, where you can do simple daily activities to maintain physical fitness. Try to use the stairs to go up to the office or at home instead of using the elevator. And be sure to get out of the office during the lunch break and walk for a quarter of an hour in around the office.

Walking is my favorite sport and exercise for most to 49% of the professionals. You can also join the yoga club, zumba or twice a week. There are several options in front of you, the matter only requires the will!

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