Dubai Zoo A Tourist Spot For Watching And Entertaining

Dubai is characterized by its diversity of tourist attractions and the abundance of its beautiful gardens that combine fun, entertainment, use and exploration. It also responds to the wishes of all ages and their categories. Dubai Zoo in Dubai is a special place for visitors from inside and outside the city. The visit to this wonderful garden is considered an occasion that can not be missed and a time that can not be missed because of the facilities, facilities and services of quality praised by everyone who visited.

Dubai Zoo is excellent tourist qualifications

Dubai Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the Arabian Peninsula. Since its establishment, the Dubai Zoo has been distinguished from other parks with a number of rare animals, which are rarely found in other parks. The endangered animals receive special care in this park, The park provides an environment suitable for many rare and endangered animals. It protects and preserves wildlife, as it ensures that all animals and birds in the garden have all the appropriate environmental conditions for breeding and breeding. For the first time for families and lovers of animals, birds and reptiles, the park covers more than 75 hectares.

Enjoy a huge number of different species of animals and birds

Dubai Zoo has more than 230 species of animals, including mammals, deer, monkeys and predators such as hyenas, tigers, bears and blacks, as well as a variety of rare and endangered animals such as Bengal tiger, Siberian tiger, Arab wolf,

Dubai Zoo park also contains birds of various sizes, shapes and colors, such as falcons, ostriches, peacocks and parrots, as well as more than 400 different species of reptiles and turtles. The park seeks to provide all the conditions necessary to preserve the wildlife within it by employing an integrated staff with high experience In the world of animal and breeding methods to achieve the goals and endeavors of the garden towards protecting the animal environment within.


Facilities and services of the Zoo in Dubai

Being a favorite destination for many lovers of animals, birds, fish and reptiles, Dubai Zoo seeks to provide guests with the convenience and comfort they need to spend time with friends and family. It has a snack bar, sweets, ice cream, General for men and women, free wheelchair for seniors, chapels and ablution facilities.

Safety instructions and garden cleaner

Cleaning the garden of the remnants of visitors and animal waste team of cleaning workers by committing to a daily program without neglecting any part of them before opening the garden doors, and the cleaning team works every Tuesday on the maintenance of the garden facilities and sterilize the places of the animals and places to eat, It is necessary to respect a set of guidance from visitors so that the garden to maintain its beauty and cleanliness and even pass the visit at best, and these guidelines:

  1. Throwing waste in designated places.
  2. Prevents touch plants.
  3. Children must be accompanied by parents or an adult.
  4. Visitors are responsible for any damage, damage or damage they may cause to a facility or equipment in the garden.
  5. Committed to wearing clothes that respect the values ​​and traditions of society.
  6. Feeding animals is prohibited by visitors.

Information about location, access, hours and prices

Location and access

The Dubai Zoo is located in Jumeirah 1 near Jumeirah Mall and Mercato Center. It is accessible by taxi or private vehicles. It is about 20 minutes from the city center with available transportation. The internal train to Dubai does not stop there.

work hours

Summer is the length of the week from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, except on Tuesday the park is closed.
Winter week length from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, except Tuesday the park is closed.

Entrance Fees

AED 2 per person, free admission for people with special needs and children under 2 years old.

Phone: 0097143496444

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