Top 10 Places To visit in Dubai With Family

Dubai is one of the most beautiful and most famous Arab countries in the tourist places to visit for families, especially during the summer. Families need to spend their leisure time, enjoy outdoor activities, go to various shopping malls, visit the gardens and beaches and enjoy all the attractions. The best destination for families in Dubai.


 Dubai Creek Park

The Garden of the Bay or the Dubai River is one of the most special holiday destinations for families, with many attractive botanic gardens and a large 18-hole golf course. It also has plenty of picnic spots, barbecue areas and family meals. Lots of activities and games for adults and young people such as skiing, train riding and lots of sports activities.

 Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

 Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark is located at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai and is free for guests. If you are a regular visitor you will have to pay for tickets and book in advance. The water park has beautiful waterfalls and many interesting water cruises. Many rivers, rapids and water boats offer you a pleasant experience amidst the water with tides and dramatic barriers. There is also a special area for children to play and have fun, and you will enjoy seeing the beautiful scenery with your family.

 Global Village

The Global Village is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai and is suitable for families that can be visited from October to April. The smart village consists of 40 pavilions, each with different products from many countries around the world such as Italy, Egypt, Oman and Vietnam And other countries. The place is also suitable for children because it allows them to enjoy an enjoyable international experience and explore different places. You can taste delicious honey from Yemen’s products and buy carpets made of high quality raw materials from Afghanistan and Iran. The village also divides many of the concerts and magic shows.

 Underwater Zoo

The water park is one of the most popular attractions in Dubai. It is located on the third floor of the Dubai Mall and is visited by many tourists from all over the world and offers them many activities that enable them to live underwater and explore. The life of marine organisms of different kinds, and many of the 33,000 different species of attractive aquatic animals, as well as being sharks, are able to capture wonderful souvenirs and enjoy a 48-meter hike in a large tunnel and watch the life of Aiah beautiful, and you can also practice scuba diving and swimming.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is one of the best tourist attractions in Dubai. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions for tourists and families from all over the world. You can enjoy a tourist holiday there in the world’s tallest towers. You can also sit in the open air and enjoy stunning views of the city, the ocean, the rivers and the desert. Of different tower halls.

 The Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. It has been opened to attract more visitors and has become one of the world’s most famous tourist attractions. The fountain is located in Burj Khalifa, a man-made lake in the middle of the city. Classical and Arab music is attractive, and the fountain is characterized by its bright colored water that rises 150 meters in the air and is a very attractive movement organization.

Old Town Dubai

The old city of Dubai is one of the best tourist places for families and children. You can also shop and shop there to buy all your needs from different shops. Shops sell all products such as textiles, clothing, spices and gold. Jewelry, bags and souvenirs, you can also visit the famous Dubai Museum and walk in the beautifully built narrow streets.

Dubai City Tour

 Dubai City Tour

The Dubai Tourist Hut is one of the most famous landmarks in the city. You can enjoy a wonderful tour of the streets of Dubai with your family and children. The bus also includes people who explain the names of the tourist attractions during the journey using many languages ​​to understand tourists from all over the world, The bus will travel in many countless tourist areas and will take you on a unique tour, it’s something more enjoyable than you would imagine.

 Miracle Garden

In the middle of the arid desert of Dubai you can find a sprawling garden full of green spaces and beautiful flowers, it is a real oasis in the harsh desert environment, and the garden has more than 45 million blooming flowers of wonderful color colors, and aims to be one of the largest flower gardens in The world is characterized by its unmatched natural landscapes.


Biscombers is one of the most famous restaurants in Dubai and is located on the luxurious Jumeirah Beach under the shadow of Burj Al Arab
The menu contains a lot of food, especially fresh seafood, and it is a special restaurant for children and adults The restaurant also offers a special buffet for children and more than the attractive and attractive offers

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