“Soda Font” launches Refreshing Drinks For First Time In UAE

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Soda Font

Soda Font

Opened “Soda Font” unique store for iced drinks manufactured locally ‘The Beach’ in the ‘Jumeirah Beach Residence’. And relied on the label design inspired by the fifties and is a truck parked a long, steel and chairs outdoors on the sands of the sea.

Inspired Soda Font Parwbadtha refreshing era of the fifties when brands and famous soda fountains in the beginnings of medical preparations turned into Mcharip delicious. Soda Font and provide modern soda fountain fun takes you to the beautiful Pennekhadtha delicious time to celebrate with friends and family on the vibrant style of the fifties.

And is proud to list Soda Font providing mobile ice cream carts that you back to the good old days with a variety of soda drinks in the form of ice cream and distinctive flavors appetite such as a combination of cola with foam authentic, and vanilla ice cream and decorated with cherry flavor, and homemade soft drinks are available, which vary between classic soda flavors, such as iced tea, iced tea and iced coffee in addition to, are also available ready-to-drink bottles. And progress Soda Font also developed health juices, which are manufactured locally, such as’ Petrot Badelm ‘, and’korotng a Kalurez’.

Opens Soda Font which is located in ‘The Beach’ area in the ‘Jumeirah Beach Residence’, daily from 10:00 pm to midnight, and is in addition to the portfolio of existing city on the domestic industry, and that reflect the spirit and aspirations of the city of Dubai and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

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