Dubai Trolley

Dubai Trolley

Dubai Trolley Began to provide services to the public free of charge, with the first trams and access to the Boulevard Mohammed bin Rashid, Dubai’s city center.

Preparing “Emaar Properties” to launch a tram service “Dubai Trolley”, with the first trams and access to the “Boulevard Mohammed bin Rashid” in “Downtown Dubai”, and start testing operations to be ready to receive passengers soon, and contribute to the new service is to provide more facilities and flexibility of movement for residents and visitors “reconstruction” project, which has attracted more than 80 million people during 2014.

And operate trolleys hydrogen, electric power and features designed classic harmonious with the atmosphere “Downtown Dubai”, is currently being compiled and tested Trailers on-site, in preparation for the operation expected, is scheduled to reach the network, “Trulli Dubai,” length of 7 kilometers along the “Downtown Dubai”, which an area of ​​500 acres, to reflect the first phase spanning a distance of one kilometer between a number of famous international destinations such as the “Burj Khalifa” and “The Dubai Mall” and “Dubai Fountain” and “Souk Al Bahar” and “Boulevard Mohammed bin Rashid”.

Dubai Trolley capacity 74 passengers in a vehicle of the two floors, with the possibility of sitting in the open air or in Section conditioner, and contributes tram “Dubai Trolley” in the promotion of various parts of the “Downtown Dubai” link and facilitate the movement of visitors and residents themselves.

Design was imported trolley carts in style fits the aspirations of the “reconstruction”, a stylish character dominated by bright red color with touches of green and gold lines finishes, including giving it a distinct aesthetic touch.

Work is in progress on the implementation of the “Dubai Trolley” station in the “Old Town Island,” and characterized this station Foreign Busbandtha that give it a touch of aesthetic exceptional, offering passengers diverse range of restaurants, cafes and shops, and will be conditioned station to ensure the highest levels of comfort for visitors.

The operational speed for “Dubai Trolley” 16 kilometers per hour, while can reach a top speed of 80 kilometers per hour, will be developed as special passages for pedestrians along the tram line to facilitate traffic safety and safety.

And associated “Downtown Dubai”, which is described as “the heart of the present world,” directly connected “Dubai Metro” through the air pedestrian walkway, and in addition to that, various RTA services, including buses and taxis are available.

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