Dubai is an attractive destination for many who want to invest in real estate. It is truly a modern city in every sense of the word and a kiss for all nationalities and cultures, which is a source of wealth and diversity. These are added to other options at various levels, such as education, services, transportation and entertainment, which are widely available and offer both residents and visitors a comfortable lifestyle. In the city of Dubai, there are also many housing options. The most important of these are the villa complexes, which offer large areas, ensuring privacy, security and comfort at all times and constellations that provide a modern accommodation that meets all your requirements in form and content. If you would like to purchase a villa, apartment or any other property in Dubai, think carefully before deciding your choice and consider the following tips to ensure that you have the property you want to invest in.

Geographic Location and Neighboring Areas

There is a well-known Arab saying, “Choose the neighbor before the house,” which is of great value when it comes to choosing housing. The word “neighbor” here is not only about people living next to you but also about the place, areas and facilities around your home. If the site is essential and important in the selection process, it is a constant factor that does not change, so you should consider near the property you would like to purchase from transportation such as the Dubai tram station. If you have children in school, you should check out the nearby schools and kindergartens To make sure that your children will be able to go to their schools without much trouble and without having to travel long distances. Other facilities are also of great importance. You should ensure that the villa complex you choose to live is close to excellent markets, pharmacies, gas stations, doctor’s clinics, and other facilities and services you need in your daily life. In addition to all these conditions that must be observed when choosing the property you want to buy, you should not overlook the quality of people living next to you, their levels of social, age, and perhaps nationalities because all this is important and will inevitably affect your life later.

Building Quality

Losing quality and rigidity of construction is a prerequisite for choosing a property. It should not take you to the glamor of the exterior and only the color of the walls and paint, but you should examine with great attention all the equipment and accessories available in the housing. All the details are important when it comes to buying new housing, the quality of the water taps is important, the kitchen appliances and quality are important, the door handles and the quality of wood, which also made things can not be overlooked. Real estate developers who have a good reputation in the market are keen to provide homes with the best facilities and pay attention to all small and large particles. So before you choose your new home, make sure that the developer has a good reputation in the real estate market, that the housing is of indisputable quality so as to avoid problems later and avoid expensive repair costs.


Your choice of the property you want to acquire should not be based on your immediate needs, but should consider the development of your requirements in the near future. If you are single, you should think that it may change in the future and that your home should also be prepared for a family with a wife and children. It is also about receiving your guests, relatives, family members and friends. Area if it is an important factor and can not be neglected under your conditions. Try to purchase a home with at least 3 or 4 bedrooms and enjoy large windows that allow the sun to enter and make the atmosphere inside the house or property healthy and clean at all times.

Service costs

Ask for all the details before concluding a property purchase. One of the things you should inquire about is the fees and costs of services in your apartment complex. There are certainly monthly costs that you must pay regularly and fees for services, electricity and hygiene related to shared facilities owned by residents of the complex. It is assumed that any resident should allocate a budget for such costs and expect such additional expenses. Take into account these necessary expenses before buying a property to avoid unpleasant surprises and make your place in your new home more comfortable and reassuring.

     Amenities and Security

Near the necessary facilities make your accommodation more comfortable and your choice of the property you want to buy depends also on the availability of other facilities such as gyms and swimming pools that can be frequented by you and your children during the summer. The presence of such equipment and facilities near your residence will undoubtedly be another incentive and a source of comfort. Playgrounds, amusement parks and entertainment facilities are no less important than schools and transportation, and you should be sure to provide them near the property in order to provide you and your family with all the comfort and pleasure they require. In addition, the complex should have a guarded gate that provides security and safety for the residents and ensures that your children are safe.

Property value in case of sale

You may not think when you buy a property in Dubai that you will have to sell it after a while. This may be an unlikely possibility at the present time, but it remains improbable. That’s why you have to take this into account and buy an apartment that can be sold later. For this reason, a reasonable number of rooms must be available, an attractive and safe location and all necessary facilities and facilities. You should accurately estimate the value of your property and the extent to which this value changes in the future, preferably if it is eligible to rise rather than lower so that you do not lose your money if you have to sell your property after a period of several reasons that may change your job, move to another city, .

All these tips and other things are very important in case you intend to buy a property in Dubai. Such a decision will certainly have an impact on your life and your family’s current and future life, so these conditions should not be underestimated. Attention must be paid to all details before signing the contract to ensure a safe and comfortable place for you and your family.

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