Where will you spend your vacation In Dubai ?

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Everyone needs a vacation from time to time. Short holidays may be more beneficial than a long holiday, especially if they are well organized and organized. To make your holiday a success, learn about the basic steps that will guarantee you and the best place to relax and unwind in your favorite city.

Choose the right time

If you want to spend a short break in a city like Dubai, you have to choose the right month, you may have the best luck in booking a hotel or hotel a month before your holiday so you have the absolute freedom to choose the right one for you. The city is bustling with tourists in December, We recommend you make reservations at least one month before your holiday.

Choose the place

Most Arab families prefer to have a warm atmosphere that brings together the whole family in a single place that combines their tastes and needs in a vibrant city, so welcome to the Palazzo Versace Hotel Dubai, just a quarter of an hour from Dubai International Airport and close to the Emirate of Sharjah, Culture Village.

Hotel Design

The Palazzo Versace combines architectural touches that combine Italian architecture from the 16th century with Arab architecture as you enter the entrance to the hotel, impressing with its spacious fa├žade and high ceiling and the Italian furnishings that reflect the spirit and elegance of Versace. The five-star hotel includes three sparsely landscaped swimming pools, like lakes and reflective ponds, adding more tranquility and tranquility to the surrounding gardens that surround the hotel to become a haven for entertainment in the sense of the word.

Hotel Location

Located 8 minutes from Dubai’s city center, the hotel overlooks the shores of the historic Dubai Creek and is close to the old city of Dubai so you can visit archaeological museums and shop between the city’s past and present city lanes.

Hotel Rooms

The 5-star hotel includes 215 hotel rooms and suites, designed in a royal style with Versace prints wherever you look, wooden floors, white-washed walls and silk fabrics. The Italian marble bathroom combines the perfect balance between precision and simplicity. There are seven options offered by the hotel in terms of accommodation: deluxe rooms, premium rooms, executive suites, and executive suites.


It is important to pick a place that offers a variety of delicious delicacies. In Palazzo Versace, you can discover eight restaurants and we have chosen the most important ones.

For breakfast

Try the Giardino restaurant, which includes cooking stations with all kinds of international cuisine that you will like

For lunch

Zoury Amalfi restaurant is located near the western swimming pool, which has a simple menu but is worth the experience, especially the delicious pizza list that you do not miss

for dinner

When you visit the Enigma restaurant, you can enjoy the cuisine in an innovative way starting in October, and prefer to be prepared in advance. We recommend the 7 Spices Lamb Neck, a 36-hour cooked lamb steak at 68 degrees C, served with sauces and a piece of potato.

If you’re a live music fan, do not hesitate to visit the high-end Q’s Bar and Lounge, the first of its kind in the world of music legend Quincy Jones, spanning his career for six decades, collaborating with legendary music figures such as Frank Sinatra and Amy Winehouse. From now on, until May, the concerts of the talented Lebanese singer Chris, a choice of Quincy, guests can enjoy a variety of traditional jazz and solos pieces, as well as a mix of modern pop music and many old musical melodies.

Rest and recreation

As part of your holiday program at this luxury hotel, you must try out the private spa which includes saunas, steam rooms, a Jacuzzi, and a gym. The spa services include massage treatments, relaxation, Moroccan baths and skin treatments. Gemayel is also using exclusive natural products that are applied in a unique way to be tested.

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