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How to Gain Weight

How to Gain Weight

Unlike many people, there are some people who suffer from extreme thinness or unhealthy, and resort to multiple ways to increase their weight, but in most cases assume their attempts fail because they are not based on a specific basis.

Of course, a person can not be expected to lean weight is increasing rapidly, as it takes time, but here are some tips that will help in gaining weight faster than usual:

1 – Eat more calories than your daily needs

It is impossible to violate physics and thermodynamics laws. Energy does not perish nor develop not. To increase the weight must address more than that your body burns calories. There are many computers that you calculated the amount of calories needed each day.

But in a simple, eat 40-45 calories per kilogram of weight in order to increase, for example: If you weigh 60 kilos, eating 60 × 45 = 2700 calories. If you do not sized and zinc, continued a gradual increase until the balance is moving.

2 – Bodybuilding exercises

The goal should be to increase muscle mass, not just overweight. And this advice is directed to men and women alike. Excess body fat cause health problems next appearance is the aesthetic of the paunch and flabby buttocks. In a simple iron your exercises and work to increase the weights that are submitted on a weekly basis. When increasing the weights that are submitted with the increase in the amount of food, the increase in weight is from muscle mass share

3 – calorie-rich foods

Eat foods rich in calories does not mean eating unhealthy foods full of harmful fat (Trans fats). You must eat natural healthy foods such as:

Nuts: from more foods rich in calories, and the unsaturated fats and protein.

Beverage: protein such as whole milk, juices and yogurt drinks.

Fruit: rich in calories such as bananas, dates, dried fruit, but moved away from the water-rich fruits such as watermelon, grapes and oranges.

Chowder: eat rich creamy soup.

Oils: Add health food oils, such as olive oil, flaxseed oil and coconut oil, canola oil and butter. And stay away from hydrogenated oils and industrial margarine.

4 – Taking supplements that help overweight

There are many supplements that help to increase weight, such as Alcyrias diamonds and Albrookompelks Jenner and Altrohmes and diamond grits and protein Russian bear, etc … These supplements with large amounts of calories, protein, creatine, Fjrah one of Alcyrias diamonds by 1250 calories and 50 grams protein!

5 – eating larger quantities of protein

Should eat more meat and dairy, fish, nuts, legumes, Protein is the building block for all the body’s cells. A study has shown that a diet poor in protein may cause erosion and waste in muscle mass even with eating large amounts of calories!

And in the case of the exercise of bodybuilding exercises, prefers eating 2 grams protein per kilogram of body weight. In the case of the difficulty of dealing with the required amount of protein on a daily basis, it is possible taking supplements such as protein and amino Wi-2222.

6 – Eat 5-6 meals a day

The food division at 5-6 meals causes increased appetite more than eating two meals or three large meals. Add to that, small meals do not lead to bloating and indigestion like three huge meals.

How to Gain Weight

7 – spices

Add spices and herbs and spices for food. The foods with smart smell increase the appetite. For example: thyme, oregano, cinnamon, Rose Marie. And stay away from foods that do not like the smell so as not to spoil your appetite.

8 – Use large-size dishes

Studies have shown that people who eat the food on the great dishes, their brain feel that eating a small amount, making it easy to eat a large amount of food process. Be sure also to arrange the food in order to increase the aesthetic of the biggest appetite.

9 – Increase the amount of zinc

You must be knowing that the shortage of zinc metal is the most common, as the zinc intake leads to increased appetite and increase Altisteron hormone responsible for construction operations and increase muscle mass in the body. You can use the dietary supplement or eat foods rich in zinc, such as meat, poultry, cashews and wheat germ.

10 – eat food faster

Studies have shown that after 20 minutes of eating, the brain starts to send signals to a sense of satiety. Try not to waste time leaving a fork or attached to the dish. And be sure to chew the food well well so you do not get indigestion.

11 – taking supplements to increase appetite (medicines for the treatment of thinness)

There are studies demonstrated that dietary supplements, such as folic acid and El B12 lead to increased appetite, and you can take the tablets of these vitamins, but to get the best results as preferred being injected in the body. Also, some antidepressants help to open the appetite dramatically, but you must consult a psychiatrist before using antidepressants, since they have serious side effects in some cases.

12 – cup of lemon juice in the morning

Drinking a glass of lemon juice in the morning. Eating lemon lead to increased hydro chloride acid in the stomach and is responsible for cracking and digest food, and this leads to a greater increase in the absorption of food.

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