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7 Tourist Destinations Be Sure To Visit In Abu Dhabi

Golden beaches , water park and desert Its outings Emirate of Abu Dhabi is one of the leading tourist destinations in the winter. The city and full of so many events and attractions and cultural, which would not be complete without a visit to the traffic on them.

Here are seven tourist destinations for city visitors advise at your next visit to the UAE capital:

Corniche: Corniche runs over 4 miles and is formatted for pedestrians, bicycles and even picnics outdoors. There is a greater knowledge of Nasith United Arab Emirates on the rise 360 ​​feet, not to mention the Union Towers, which includes selling luxury brands centers. It also includes the fort Palace is the oldest building in the city.

Yas Island: or Adventure Island, located near the airport, which is filled with exciting water games, as well as the bustling world of Ferrari and Formula 1 circuit.

Saadiyat Island: away from the city’s 10-minute drive, and soon will see the opening of a number of the most important museums in the world, where Stsagtab island exhibits and museums worldwide Kallover Gagnheim. Sheikh Zayed Mosque is also a tourist destination par excellence because it contains the largest carpet in the world and the largest chandelier, along with the unique architecture.

Dunes of the desert: the desert attracts many nature tourists Europeans, particularly in the winter time, it is a camping safari tours and enjoy the exploration of the desert animals are numerous activities contrary to the harsh winter of Europe.

Masdar City or City of the Future, is a huge tourist attraction, where the city is considered a pioneer of non-carbon dioxide promulgation and adoption entirely on solar and wind energy.

Eye: an hour from the capital city located green eye .. oasis in the middle of the desert, is also famous dunes surrounding waters and sulfur and a zoo.

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