Skydiving in Dubai…All you need to know

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skydiving in dubai

skydiving in dubai

Do you feel bored? Are you fed up of the traditional tourist activities? Want to break the daily routine and the various new adventure? We have a surprise for you and the activity would send in your vitality and courage, but you first have to go to the city of Dubai, probably going to say you’ve visited before, quite a bit, this time will be completely different, but you have courage because we invite you to experience the bold blaring will not forget .. Experience of jumping out of the plane and skydiving in Dubai

About skydiving from aircraft

Skydiving from aircraft sport known and spread internationally for fans of adventure and daring and have many organizations in different countries around the world, was originally created as a way to deliver soldiers into the battlefield in the war quickly, and then evolved to become an international sport in 1952, and accepted hundreds of professional and amateur them to experience a new sense of freedom like you fly.

Skydiving in Dubai

Dubai’s largest center for skydiving in the Middle East, the center includes many experts and trainers of the sport interesting and have the latest equipment and supplies, and Dubai is an ideal place for this sport, the climate is there an appropriate most of the year and the view from the top, of course, is not the coolest!

This center provides many choices, and you’ll find what suits you if you are a professional or you can subscribe to the school to teach skydiving and get a special license to be able to jump as a professional later, but if you just want to experience this bold and a sense of feeling can not be compared for once one jump, there is a kind from jumping suitable for you and for all so-called tandem jump and we’ll tell you the details.

How are Skydiving in Dubai Experience for the first time ?

The journey starts that you book an appointment exciting to jump first, if you intend to visit Dubai soon, just enter your location status and determine the appropriate date with the time you are in Dubai.

When you go in time to the center specialists will give you an idea of jumping tandem is that you jump and you are connected and tied one professional, one of the controls in the canopy and not simply just enjoy the experience, and this kind needs to jump to any previous experience just needs some courage.

After the show you all of the details are going to the runway and will be instructed to install a small plane and come with you a professional photographer for precious moments, and when the plane reaches an altitude of 13,000 feet photographer will open the small door of the plane and give a signal to take off! All you need now is to take a step forward to find yourself in the air.

skydiving in dubai

You may feel of awe at first because you surprised wind speeds of around you, but remember that you will calm down when belted by a professional jump and do not worry, you will see Dubai and everything looks small from the top, but the view is amazing Palm Jumeirah central Gulf waters.

After a short trip from the rapid landing parachutes open and rush to the top and then suddenly find beautiful and calm air and enjoy the land like flying over Dubai to reach safety. Inevitably feel complete change from your everyday life and feel the recovery and pleasure, and certainly will want to experience again.

What is the price and the details of this center?

skydiving in dubai price is 1999 dirhams (about $ 544) and includes photography and video, and you have to pay part of it in advance when booking and the rest when you arrive at your appointment schedule, visit the Ski Dubai, and through it you’ll be able to book a suitable time for you .

Some of the information and tips

– Wear comfortable clothes and shoes connects well .

– Weather factors affecting skydiving, preferably a look at the weather before you book your appointment.

– Must be at least 18 years of age.

– There are some rules about weight and you will find at the site.

– Possible to book for a friend to be quite different gift!

Skydive Dubai

Address: Al Sufouh – Dubai
Phone:04 377 8888

Open today · 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

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