Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard … Impress each new

Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard

When it comes to talking about downtown Dubai, which is called “the heart of the present world” must be mentioned Boulevard Mohammed bin Rashid, who became the “talk of the town” at the present time, it is the street that has been designed according to the highest quality and sophistication criteria to be part of the most prominent in the most prestigious kilometers in the world .

This broad street lined with palm trees flanks to evoke the nature of the Arabian desert with the eastern give it character, in addition to a circular basin filled with white flowers on the broad sidewalks paved raw stone and natural marble, all of these materials combined to make the place very magnificence.

The opportunity to walk around and enjoy in this place are also available by rounds “Segway” and Bicycle “BYKY” air which can be rented through many of its allocated platforms, in addition to the “bus Boulevard” double-decker on a tour around the place and can round ticket in full for the days of cut platform “At The Top”, as there are also spaces for children’s play.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard

And it increases the magnificence of this boulevard views with distinctive architectural design of buildings such as twin “Emaar Square,” a financial and business district in the center of Dubai, and all the buildings diversity between what is modern and trendy interfaces glass and Benny What stone or Old on heritage form as is the case in the “old city”, which includes the regions of Qamardeen home and this harmony between buildings give it a unique character.

And adorn the Boulevard sidewalk several unique technical models which was designed by a group of international artists to increase the beauty and elegance of the region.

Boulevard is linked by a bridge pedestrian Dubai Metro station “Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall” to make it easier for everyone to access from everywhere addition to the general “bus Dubai” bus station, a transport network linking all parts of the city of Dubai through which, as can the transition between both sides of Boulevard by private intersections is provided with light signals when the desire to cut the street Maalana only pressure on the yellow button and then the car will stop traffic to allow pedestrians to cross.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard

There and shop, of course, “The Dubai Mall” the largest mall in the world – which includes many of the shops, restaurants and entertainment venues and cinemas – and market seas and market the house and many of the service facilities and shops which provide daily needs of the residents of this region or tourists who can live in the area “downtown Dubai “for the existence of the many hotels overlooking the boulevard like Armani Hotel, Vida Hotel, Hotel Address Down Town, The Address Dubai Mall, home hotel, the Palace Hotel and Ramada Downtown.

Global cafes and restaurants luxury diverse tastes and small stalls also spread along the Ring boulevard that surrounds Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

Also overlooking the Boulevard area on the “Dubai Fountain” and the “Tower Park,” a park for the region.

It remains to be boulevard maintenance and cleaning operations are available by with a guard around the clock.

What sets it apart from many parking lots, which are located on two floors below ground level with wide spaces and the presence of signboards everywhere in the Boulevard provides what makes access to any place we want to do very easily.

I should mention that these positions contain chapels for men and women and places for ablution, toilets, making this a place that has developed “Emaar Properties” distinct and integrated in all respects.

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