Dubai Gold Price Hit Dh 9 increase in Gold prices within 6 weeks

Gold prices recorded new highs for the sixth week in a row. Total increases gained by the yellow metal over the past six weeks have risen to 9.25 dirhams. According to the prices quoted in Dubai and Sharjah markets

  The new increases in gold prices and high rates have helped stimulate the demand of traders to sell used products, pointing out that sales of new products focused on tourists.

Dubai gold prices are Dh157.50 for 24-karat and 22-karat can be bought for Dh148.50.

Gold prices reached high rates, which contributed to the increase in the demand of traders to sell their used businesses to the shops to benefit from the price increases, while the gold used in re-buying from the dealers is evaluated without the prices of the workmanship or the lobes embedded in it, in addition to reducing its price compared to the new gold price Different, according to the price policies of each shop

Markets finally saw an active movement of dealers on the sale Mchgullachm used for shops, to take advantage of the price increase recorded by gold, in exchange for limited movement of the dealers on the re-sale of bullion and gold coins, with the anticipation of some traders in this sector price movement, waiting for new increases in the market for sale With higher price gains

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