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Cheapest Markets in Dubai That You Buy Anything In Low budget

Some believe that Dubai is one of the Arab countries that is only for the rich, but on the contrary, it contains many cheap popular markets that suit all segments of the population. Dubai is experiencing a big boom in its markets, where there are a large number of cheap markets that offer everything From gold and electronics to spices, clothes, carpets, and commodities from all over the world. Here we will show you the best cheap popular markets in Dubai that allow you to experience practical and useful shopping.

 Bur Dubai Souk

Bur Dubai Souk

Bur Dubai is famous for its colorful fabrics and textiles. Most of these products come from India and the Far East. The market is located along Dubai Bay. The only problem there is parking and its constant congestion next to the market, which makes the appearance of the market unwelcome to passers-by, but certainly you will enjoy a special experience when you go there, you can buy exotic fabrics, clothes and jewelry because the market is full of shops and sewing shops and shops Sari, Really suitable to live a wonderful shopping experience to your own taste, also you can find Dubai Gold Souk

 Karama market

If you want to buy souvenirs for the family, we recommend that you visit the Karama market. It offers you the most beautiful gifts at cheap prices, unlike some of the markets that you offer at a very high cost, and the market also sells a range of attractive products with cheap prices such as imitation watches, clothes and handicrafts. Most of the clothing there has been manufactured in Asia.

 Wafi market

This market has been renovated more than once and it is a relatively quiet and popular market. It has regional and local shops that offer the best products and exquisite antiques made in the Arab lands. The products suit all tastes in terms of cheap prices and good taste. As it has restaurants offering delicious snacks packed with pickles, peppers, cheese and olives.

 Deira market

Deira is famous for selling gold in Dubai with hundreds of other gold-selling shops. You will find all the right price jewellery that makes you get a great deal when you buy it. You can find another new market built recently adjacent to the Deira market and consists of two floors , And you will enjoy great pleasure when you visit these markets, which offer a variety of cheaper products where prices vary in shops and compete with each other to offer the best of high-quality products at cheap prices at the same time, and charge most gold shops fees on purchases that are paid Powered by credit.

Deira market is a large tower with many markets close to each other. One of the most famous markets is the carpet market, which contains more than 50 shops and offers all kinds of carpets in different shapes and colors, and at the best prices.

 Global Village

Global Village is located just before Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, formerly known as the Emirates Road. It is a large festival and a popular shopping mall with wings from all over the world. The carnival market is very similar to November and the end of February. Special offers by international artists, each offering a unique collection of antiques, antiques and attractive sculptures, will enable you to obtain products at cheap prices and discounts on various products.

 Al Fahidi Street

Al Fahidi Street is famous for selling cheap electronics. Since Dubai is tax-free, electronics are much cheaper than those around the world. Al Fahidi Street is lined with electronic shops selling computers, cameras and home electronics such as refrigerators, washing machines, ovens and other products. Electronics We recommend you apply for an international warranty and check the validity of products for use.

  Majlis market

The market of the Council occupies a large sunny courtyard and is held on the first Saturday of every month. It is distinguished by displaying the various products made by hand with the finest materials and with high precision. The professional artists made their shapes and colors at cheap prices. You will also find beautiful jewelry and hand-made pillows. You will discover the magnificence of local and international art in the GCC market and will definitely come back to buy it again.

 DIFC market

It is one of the famous markets with a large Japanese restaurant and bar. Many go to visit the market on weekends. The market has a lot of art galleries and focuses on the regional side of different products. You will find a wonderful range of handmade products on the market. And a large cinema with international and local movies in the evening. You can also enjoy the best meals in the restaurants there, all at cheap prices and suitable for all.

  Covent Garden market

Covent Garden is one of the oldest and most famous art and craft markets in the world. You will find all your products, summer clothes, originally colored dresses, kaftans, sun hats, jewelry, handbags, purses, shirts and exquisite paintings by artists. Professional, also exist different children’s clothing at cheap and suitable prices.

 Flea market

The flea market is located in Safa Park and the market sells all the products you can imagine, including livestock, fish, vegetables and cheap fruit. The market also sells clothes, shoes, DVDs, CDs and many other products that hundreds of people come to buy at great prices.

  Fruit and Veg market

Is a popular market specializing in the sale of vegetables and fruits at cheap prices, you can buy them from there and avoid buying them from the supermarkets you sell at double prices, you will find there are all kinds of fruits and vegetables brightly colored from around the world of the most famous fruits there is the grapefruit Colored and purple royal eggplant from India. Vegetables and fruits are also characterized by their great quality and reasonable prices, making this market a destination for everyone. You can get there in the early morning to get the best products and enjoy shopping.

Spice market

The spice market is one of the smelling markets with its beautiful and attractive aromas. It has a wide range of shops selling spices of all kinds like curry, saffron, vanilla and rare herbs. It is necessary to use barter with some sellers. You will also find sellers who talk to you for hours Long, you can enjoy the different types of spices and touch the supply and taste, it has a special character distinct.

 Fish market

The fish market is one of the most dynamic markets in Dubai and it is also one of the first fast-growing markets for fresh fish. The market has shops selling various products sold by traders from India, Pakistan and other traders. Appropriate prices You can buy some fresh sardines for only 5 dirhams per kilo, and there are plenty of shops specializing in fish cooking and making the most delicious dishes.

 Plant market

The plant market specializes in the sale of flowers of all kinds. If you are a lover of beautiful flowers in attractive colors, we recommend visiting the plant market in Dubai and buying different types of flowers and plants. You will find the market full of flowers and bright plants such as cactus, home plants and flowers of brilliant colors with distinctive smells.

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